ACME bikes have been designed and manufactured to put a smile on your face every time you ride them. Our focus is entirely on the ride itself. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel with ACME but instead, keep it as simple as possible. We have produced three bikes which should last you a lifetime across your adventures. 

We chose titanium for its ‘ping’. We have worked with one of the best factories on tubing that gives a balance of stiffness, weight, and compliance. We chose future-proof standards like semi-internal headsets, T47 bottom brackets and round, 27.2mm seatposts. 

We have chosen geometries which give the bikes a lively feel without sacrificing confidence. Aesthetically, we offer a single frame finish, and you are more than welcome to send it off for custom paint. Our bead blasted finish is tough, shows the use of the bike and shows the titanium beautifully. 

We have named the three bikes after our kids. One JAC of all trades, a BAR to set the standard and a CAM to keep you scratching your head.